Write to your MP

  • By lobbying MPs by writing to them we can have an impact on Government policy on Yemen
  • Every letter will make a difference, specially if you write to a Conservative MP – it’s a fact that the Government will take more notice of their own MPs
  • Make it personal and in your own words.  MPs can spot template letters a mile off
  • Make reference to a previous communication or some personal or friendly comment e.g. applauding your MP on some local or national action as appropriate
  • Explain why this issue matters to you, please edit our template letter, and write it in your own words making other points as you see fit, especially if you can draw on personal, family or friends experience of Yemen
  • Do encourage others to write as well and share our website link and template letter with them

Please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Network for Yemen Coordinating Committee if you would like assistance in finding your MP and drafting your letter at info@networkforyemen.uk