The Conflict

For a background to the Conflict, now in its sixth year see Background

The Saudis have been responsible for over 60% of civilian deaths in Yemen, for destroying schools, hospitals, and water and sanitation plants. The UN have accused them of violations of International Humanitarian Law (war crimes). See Saudi Bombing

The Houthis, in violation of International Humanitarian Law, have laid hundred of thousands of lands mines. The have killed or injured thousands of civilians. They have shelled schools, hospitals, homes and food stores. The recruit child soldiers and their sniper fire kills hundreds of children. They are currently attacking the city of Marib, home to over two million refugees, in one of the biggest military campaigns of the war. See Houthi War Crimes

With the Houthis intent of taking Marib, and not agreeing to ceasefire talks, the prospects for a ceasefire look bleak. The UK bears a heavy responsibility to engage with all warring factions to help broker a ceasefire. See Prospects for a Ceasefire