Saudi Bombing

Reuters 2015: Child pulled from rubble after Saudi Airstrike

Her bruised eyes still swollen shut, Buthaina Muhammad Mansour, believed to be four or five, doesn’t yet know that her parents, five siblings and uncle were killed when an air strike flattened their home in Yemen’s capital. Despite a concussion and skull fractures, doctors think Buthaina will pull through – her family’s sole survivor of the attack, on an apartment building.

The majority of civilian casualties are caused by Saudi airstrikes. 

Britain has sold more that ten billion pounds worth of weapons to them, including large numbers of aircraft and bombs.  The UK trains Saudi fighter pilots and services their aircraft.  The US is the largest supplier of weapons to the Saudis.

According to the UN Human Rights Panel of Experts, the Saudis have been responsible for dreadful violations of human rights and international humanitarian law. Panel of Experts Report

This video shows the impact on one such Saudi airstrike on a Yemeni village.  Look out for footage of bomb fragments.  They are from a precision guided bomb. The UK and US has supplied the Saudis with hundreds of these.

SKY NEWS September 2020: Saudi Airstrike