Prospects for a Ceasefire

There are those who think that the Saudis are exclusively responsible for the suffering in Yemen, and if only the UK would stop arming them, then the war would be over. This is a far too simplistic view.

According to the UN Human Rights Panel of Experts, all sides in this conflict are responsible for dreadful violations of human rights and international humanitarian law. Panel of Experts Report

The Saudis have offered unilateral ceasefires on two occasions, only to be rejected by the Houthis.

The Saudis have offered to lift their blockade of fuel and restrictions on flights to Sana’a International Airport but this too has been rejected by the Houthis.

At the present time the Houthis are determined to intensify their attacks on Marib, home to over two million internally displaced people, in order to give them control over much of the north of Yemen, before they will agree to any ceasefire negotiations.

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