Massive UK Aid Cut

The UK has been accused of abandoning its “moral obligations” which will “condemn thousands of children to starvation” after slashing its aid pledge to war-torn Yemen for a second time.

Government ministers have pledged £87 million in aid response to the country which has seen 4 million people displaced and thousands of children killed by famine and disease.

UK aid to Yemen was £230m in 2018. This was slashed to £160 million in 2020. This year it has been cut to just £87 million.

In just 3 years UK aid has been cut by two thirds.

Conservative MP and former international development secretary Andrew Mitchell warned cutting the UK’s 0.7% aid commitment to Yemen to 0.5% was an “appalling dereliction of duty.” Speaking to LBC’s Eddie Mair, the Tory MP said the UK was in a “leadership position” when it comes to Yemen.