Lead Local Action

As a coordinator of constituency action, you will seek to lead activists in the locality in a campaign of lobbying your MP by letter writing and occasionally meeting with them.

Coordination need not be an overly time-consuming task.  We can provide support material, such as briefing notes and sample letters for writing to MPs and detailed guidance on meting an MP. See Writing to your MP and Meeting your MP

There will be others in your area concerned about the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. It is likely that members of Oxfam and other humanitarian aid groups will want to join you. Amnesty, local United Nations Association branches, Justice and Peace Groups, Church, and other religious groups etc. will also be very concerned about Yemen. We can help put you in touch with them.

It’s good if as large a number of people as possible write to the MP, but it only needs a few to attend a meting you arrange with her/him.  Please see our detailed guidance on meeting with your MP.

Please do contact us on info@networkforyemen.uk if you are interested in leading local action.  We will be very happy to talk with you.