Houthi War Crimes

SKY NEWS September 2020: Yemen atrocities: evidence of possible war crimes by Houthi rebels with ‘bodies in pieces

The Houthis are responsible for dreadful war crimes including laying hundreds of thousands of land mines which take a dreadful toll on the civilian population. 

They are responsible for indiscriminate shelling including homes, food stores and hospitals and other civilian infrastructure.

Houthi sniper attacks have killed over 250 children in Tiaz.

Houthi Sniper Attacks in Tiaz
250 Children killed by Houhti Sniper Fire

The Houthis use child soldiers, boys and girls.

The Houthis are actively recruiting boys as young as 15 to fight as child soldiers on the front lines of the conflict in Yemen, said Amnesty International, by the appalling practice which violates international law. 

“It is appalling that Houthi forces are taking children away from their parents and their homes, stripping them of their childhood to put them in the line of fire where they could die,” said Samah Hadid, Deputy Director at Amnesty International’s Beirut regional office.

REUTERS: Child soldiers with Houthi fighters hold weapons during a demonstration in Sanaa on March 13, 2015. (click image to read more)

The Houthis are currently engaged in one of the biggest military campaigns of the war.

They are attacking the city of Marib, which is home to more than two million internally displaced people. Already 90,000 have been displaced.

Ballistic missiles, drones and other projectiles are hammering the town and its outskirts.

Refugee camps have already been hit.

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